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Ancient Greek Massage

… It was once ...
In a fairytale...Middle Age, Homer's Iliad, Byzantium & Hippocrates where their philosophies met somewhere in Paros and so we give you the opportunity to rejuvenate the secrets of ancient Greece just like them. Surrender yourself to the hands of the nyphs and enjoy...


Discover unique holistic therapies for total psychological and body reconstruction


Life-giving back massage with natural plait by flax especially for anti-stressing purposes.

From Hippocrates' manuals and monastery secrets combined with products from the greek land.


We only use natural and organic raw materials

Hypericum perforatum, the well known balsam of the ancient Spartans or the herb of sunshine called by the ancient Greeks, because it positively affected melancholic people.
Balsam has historically been a wise herb, a panacea for the soul and the body, beneficial for all skin diseases, joint and muscle pains and healing wounds, beauty that stems from health.

Authentic Ancient Greek Baths and Ancient Greek Massage

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Having unconditional love for the Greek culture, we decided to create a space that through our 20 years of experience and our specialized knowledge, will promote innovative ideas and proprietary patents as regards beauty and wellness.
The Greek treatments that we offer are based on Ancient Greek Hippocratic records as well as Homer's Odyssey and Iliad.
All of our treatments are carried out with organic products, aiming your body and soul purification, while representing the therapies of Ancient Greek culture.
Why us:
-20 years of experience and specialized knowledge.
- Innovative suggestions
- Proprietary patents based on our knowledge of Ancient Greek massage (exymno).
- Greek holistic therapies based on Ancient Greek Hippocratic records as well as Homer's Odyssey and Iliad.
- Usage of pure organic products
- Infinite life for the Ancient Greek civilization.

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Our Philosophy

Our splendid brochure including our therapies, is based on Ancient treatments from Hippocrates' teachings, Dionysian manuals, little secrets coming from Homer's Odyssey and Iliad, as well as monastery secrets combined with special ingredients coming from the Greek land such as olive oil, honey, wine, balsam, laurel, wheatgrass, cider vinegar & dittany.

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